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If you’re wondering who Anthony McClelland is and how his relationship with LeBron James went, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this NBA star, his son Aaron, and their relationship. In this article, we’ll look at the facts about Anthony McClelland, including who he is, when he was born, and more.

Anthony McClelland Facts

Anthony McClelland has been in and out of jail, so it is important to know the facts about his life. Although he may be in jail in Ohio or another state, there are no confirmed news about his whereabouts. Anthony McClelland’s past is complicated, and there is more to his story than meets the eye.

While his professional career is unknown, he is an ex-convict and the biological father of LeBron James. He was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2003 NBA Draft. He starred in his first season, being named Rookie of the Year. In addition to being a great scorer, McClelland also averaged 5.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game. He also made the 2004 U.S. Olympic team and was the youngest member of the team.

Another interesting Anthony McClelland Facts is that he had an affair with Gloria Marie James, the mother of LeBron James. The two met in high school and had a brief relationship. Gloria was 16 at the time of the pregnancy, but McClelland didn’t support her until later in life. He never even saw his biological son James.

Despite the numerous rumors about Anthony McClelland’s past, there are many facts that have been published about his life. He was an ex-convict and has a history of drug addiction. He was also arrested for petty theft and bribery. As a result of his criminal background, the FBI has listed him as a fugitive.

Who is Anthony McClelland?

In 2002, Anthony McClelland was arrested for a series of crimes. His arrests included arson and theft. Despite a strong public profile, there are many questions about his life. His relationship with Gloria James was brief, but the two were nonetheless intimate. They dated in high school and became pregnant, but did not get married. As a result, Gloria suffered through financial hardships. She is the biological mother of LeBron James.

LeBron James’ biological father, Anthony McClelland, has been in and out of prison several times. Despite his incarceration, he has not denied that he is the father of the NBA superstar. LeBron was born on December 30, 1984, to Gloria James, who was 16 years old at the time. His mother, Gloria Marie James, struggled to provide for the young athlete and eventually had to give up. Her relationship with McClelland has been rocky.

Some speculate that Anthony McClelland is LeBron James’ biological father, but there is no concrete proof. The saga has raised questions about his origins, including his childhood and his life in Akron. In fact, there are some theories that he could have had a relationship with Gloria James.

While McClelland is an extremely private person, there are some details about his personal life that we don’t have access to. He has not disclosed his weight or age, and has not disclosed much about his personal life on social media. However, he was involved in a relationship with Gloria James during his high school years.

Anthony McClelland’s Son LeBron James

Anthony McClelland’s son Aaron McClelland Gamble bears a striking resemblance to his half-brother LeBron James. He was born on May 31, 1987, and lives in Ohio. The couple is not married, and there is little information on his professional life. However, it is believed that Aaron was trying to contact LeBron for financial help. It is unclear whether his father was present in Aaron’s life or not.

LeBron James has three children. The eldest is LeBron Jr., while the other two are Savannah and LeBron James, Jr., both of whom play basketball. The eldest son grew up without a father, and he has never met his biological father. Although it is difficult to determine the real father, many believe that Anthony McClelland is the father of LeBron James.

LeBron James’s mother, Gloria, and Anthony attended the same high school in Akron, Ohio. Although Anthony was absent during LeBron’s childhood, he tried to rekindle the relationship in 2002. Anthony McClelland is the father of a second child, Aaron. The child’s father, Roland Givons, died in the 90s, but it is possible he was Anthony’s father. This father may have committed identity fraud. LeBron James’s mother, Gloria McClelland, was not present at the birth of her son.

The father of LeBron James, Anthony McClelland, is an American citizen of African descent. Although he was absent during LeBron’s early childhood, he tried to reconcile with his son once he became a star in basketball. Although there is no working relationship between the two, he is committed to being a better father.

LeBron James and Anthony McClelland Relationship

LeBron James’ biological father, Anthony McClelland, was not an active figure in his son’s life. He was arrested several times for petty crimes after the birth of his son in 1984. LeBron was raised by his mother, Gloria Marie James, who was sixteen at the time. During the formative years of LeBron’s life, his parents struggled to provide for their son. As a result, they decided to send him to a football coach, Frank Walker, who adopted him.

McClelland was not legally married to LeBron’s mother, Gloria Marie. The two were only casual intimate partners in the early 80s. Their relationship was based on a fling. When James was 16, she learned that she was pregnant. The couple welcomed a son on 30 December 1984.

LeBron James’ biological father, Anthony McClelland, is an ex-convict and an American citizen. He was born in Akron, Ohio. He was a good street basketball player in his early years, and he is believed to be the source of his athleticism.

Anthony McClelland has a net worth of $80 million, based on his assets. His assets include his home, business, and retirement accounts. As a result, his net worth is similar to that of LeBron. It is possible that Anthony McClelland was never a supportive father to his son.

Anthony McClelland and LeBron James’ Net worth

Despite rumors that he has passed away, Anthony McClelland is still alive. Although his family has refused to reveal his identity, he is the biological father of basketball legend LeBron James. Although his name has been linked to the NBA, his life story is more interesting.

LeBron was born on December 30, 1984. His biological father is Anthony McClelland, a former convict. His birth mother, Gloria James, was 16 when she gave birth to him. His father, Anthony McClelland, spent time in prison for different reasons. LeBron has never met his biological father.

Despite being the father of LeBron James, Anthony McClelland is not as well-known as his son. LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and he has been compared to Michael Jordan. He also holds the record for most playoff points. While his net worth may be large, there are questions surrounding his life. First of all, his criminal record is extensive.

LeBron James was born in Akron, Ohio on December 30, 1984. His mother, Gloria Marie James, was sixteen when she gave birth to him. His father was a convicted felon, and his mother was never able to provide financially for LeBron. She had to give birth to him at an early age and later gave him to her football coach, Frank Walker.

FAQs about Anthony McClelland

If you’re a fan of Anthony McClelland, you’re probably wondering how much the NBA star weighs. Although he is a popular figure in the NBA, he’s also a notoriously private person. Unlike many celebrities, he has never been publicly photographed, and his social media pages are mostly anonymous. His weight and height are unknown, and he hasn’t revealed any details about his personal life. However, he was reportedly in a relationship with Gloria James in his early years.

Anthony McClelland was born in the United States on November 23, 1972. He is an African-American and stands at six feet seven inches. He went to high school in Akron, Ohio, and was involved with Gloria James, who is the mother of LeBron James. In high school, he got Gloria pregnant, but he then left her and never came back to see her again. Eventually, he was arrested for arson and theft.

While LeBron James is not related to Anthony McClelland, there are some similarities between them. His father, Anthony, abandoned him when he was a child, but retraced his steps to reconnect with him as a high school star in 2002. As a result, the two men share similar looks. Nevertheless, their mothers are different.

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