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Rex Jones has a rocky history. He equated the survivors and students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to Nazis. He has a distressed mother, Kelly Jones, who lost primary custody of her kids to an abusive ex-husband. Rex has been a controversial figure in the media.

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Rex Jones was born in Falls City, Nebraska, on December 24, 1929. He attended Falls City High School and was a member of the National Guard. He later retired and began a business, The Front Porch, with his wife, Mary. He also served on various committees and was a Richardson County Commissioner. In addition, Rex was a founding member of the Itha-Krumme Memorial Arboretum.

His father

Alexander Emerick Jones is an American far-right and alt-right radio host. He is a prominent conspiracy theorist and the host of the Alex Jones Show, broadcasted on the Genesis Communications Network. He has been involved in conspiracy theories since the late 1970s and continues to speak out on the subject.

Jones was born in 1951. His parents were both teachers, and his father taught Sunday school. His mother taught a pre-marriage class for Rex and Leslie, and they became neighbors. He had a difficult childhood, but his mother, Kelly Jones, supported him and raised his two children.

After graduating from high school, David Rex Jones, Sr., continued his education. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is preparing to take the CPA exam. He had a good education and competed in the classroom just as fiercely as on the football field. Although his grades were not perfect, he excelled in class. He was also active in many school activities at Man High School. He attended many of the Old Man High Reunions and was an honorary member of the Hillbilly Class of 1954. After graduating from Man High, he attended West Virginia University. He loved watching Mountaineer Athletics.

Rex Jones was born on May 16, 1927, in New York City. He was married to Margaret Irene Thomas on February 28, 1953. Margie passed away on February 23, 1995. Rex and Klea lived in Mapleton, Iowa, for several years, and then in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas for seven years. They returned to Dunlap, Iowa, in May 2015. Rex and Klea had three children together. Their marriage lasted 47 years, and they were very close.

Rex Jones was a husband, father, grandfather, and stepfather. He is survived by his wife Klea, sons Steven Lamar Jones, and grandchildren.

His grandfather

Rex Jones’ grandfather was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who was devoted to the gospel and the outdoors. His favorite pastimes included riding ATVs and cutting wood. He was an avid swimmer and swam several miles every day, five days a week, and was always in good health. Rex loved the Lord and was proud of his pioneer ancestry.

Rex Jones’ father was John Jones and his mother was Suzanna Jones. They had a son named Rex in 1940. The family lived in Sunflower, Mississippi. Rex was only 10 years old when his mother died, but they maintained close bonds. His father was a mechanic.

Rex Jones’ grandfather was named Rex O. Jones, who served in the US Army for 24 years. He later joined the Civilian Federal Service (CFS), which provided logistical support for soldiers at Ft. Benning, Georgia. After a distinguished career in the military, Rex retired as a Distinguished Civilian, earning 36 years in the government. His family called him Sarge, Daddy, and Rex. In addition to his children, he also leaves behind his loving church family and championship basketball team.

The funeral service for Rex Jones’ grandfather was held on Monday morning, March 30, 2020. He was the youngest of four children. He was an excellent athlete in high school, making the 1970 Class B State Runner-Up basketball team. After turning his life over to God, he was a pastor at 9th Street Mennonite Church in McCook. He later became the head pastor of the church.

His business partner

Rex Jones has been a business partner and mentor for many entrepreneurs. His professional background includes an MBA and BS in biology. He has also served on the boards of numerous professional organizations, including the American College of Healthcare Executives. In addition, Rex has held many leadership positions in local community organizations, including serving as the president of a school board, a county Economic Development Commission, and a YMCA. Additionally, Rex has been a member of Rotary International for almost 20 years, serving as president and secretary of various Rotary clubs. In 2004, he became a Paul Harris Fellow, an honor bestowed upon him by the Rotary International.

Rex Jones has been Magnolia Regional Medical Center’s CEO since 2016. In recent years, he has increased the financial stability of the organization and built a clinic to accommodate overflow patients. Since then, he has also made several changes to improve patient care. Since becoming CEO, he has changed the ownership of the hospital from the city to a private partnership.

In the new role, Rex Jones will oversee the operations and growth of the nonprofit organization. Founded in 2008, the organization seeks to improve healthcare delivery in rural areas. Rex Jones’ business background and expertise will prove invaluable to the nonprofit’s mission. He will oversee its growth and continue to serve the rural communities of Arkansas.

His son

Rex Jones’ son, Douglas, has a father-figure in the world of Infowars. His father, Alex Jones, was the host of the show for 33 years. In the recent months, his son’s involvement with the show has grown. In March, his ex-wife Kelly Jones filed for divorce and sought sole custody of the kids.

The Joneses, who reside in Arizona, have been married for 38 years. They have one daughter, Tori, who is married to Mac and is the mother of a baby girl, Willow. Their deep love of the Bible and Jesus led them to help other grieving parents. This is their story.

Alex Jones’ son Rex has received some media attention in recent days. His video on the topic of gun control, which criticized BuzzFeed News, has garnered attention. The son of the far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is currently developing his own television career. But his father is already involved in politics.

Alex Jones’ son Rex is a leading conspiracy theorist. David Icke and Rex Jones are the sons of conspirators. They have been arguing for sound money, but their parents are against it. They both agree that sound money is necessary for freedom and to stop the spread of misery across the planet.

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