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The iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases are designed to protect the device while still keeping it slim. They feature a secure backside lock and dual-layer protection bodies to safeguard the device from scratches and damage. The slimmer designs are a great choice for those who want a wallet case but don’t want a bulky case.

Smartish iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Wallet Case

The Smartish iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases wallet case offers a stylish, protective case for your iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus. It features three card slots and raised edges and covered corners. Its design allows for easy access to all iPhone functions. With its stylish and convenient design, it is a great way to protect your phone.

Compatible for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 Plus, this wallet case gives you a customized, convenient look. It is made of high-quality PU leather and features a soft interior made of TPU. The design is durable and a free wrist strap doubles as a clip-on watch case.

The Smartish iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases come with various pockets and compartments. Its three card holders keep your cards secure, and it also has a small pocket for your cash. This case protects your phone from scratches, and it also features a kickstand for hands-free use.

The wallet case is slim and stylish. It also features a Precise Cutout that allows you to access all the buttons without having to remove the case. The top-quality PU leather used for the wallet case is shock-proof and durable.

Smartish iPhone 6/6s Wallet Case

Unlike traditional wallet cases, the Smartish iPhone 6 Cardholder Cases have slots for credit and debit cards. It also features a large money pouch on the back. It is super thin, only 0.4mm thick, and has a semi-transparent matt finish. While it won’t protect your phone from accidental drops, it does protect it from scratches and bumps. Additionally, it stops your phone from rocking when you’re on a flat surface.

iPhone 6 CardHolder Case

iPhone 6 Cardholder cases are a great way to protect your Phone and make it more stylish. They include a built-in card slot, which can eliminate the need for a wallet or another accessory. Moreover, some models even have screen protection and a stand for hands-free use.

iPhone 6 CardHolder Cases are generally made to protect the phone from bumps and drops, but they aren’t as protective as “everything-proof” military-spec hard cases. However, some of them do include rigid interior frames and corner/edge bumpers. They also protect the phone against light drops and have a raised bezel that protects the glass. While wallet cases aren’t perfect for protecting your iPhone, they are an excellent option if you’re concerned about safety.

CM4 Q Card Case is another wallet case designed to protect your phone. It’s made from a proprietary premium material that is made to be soft and protect the iPhone. The case features a built-in screen protector, which will protect your phone against drops. It also features a dedicated pouch for your cash and cards. Despite its slim design, this case will fit your iPhone perfectly. Unlike other iPhone 6 wallet cases, it won’t add too much bulk to your phone.

The JanCalm floral case is another good option. The case is made from pebble-grained leather from a leather-working group member tannery. It also offers plenty of protection against scratches. Lastly, the Zover floral case is another good option. This case is also made of soft top-grain leather and comes in seven colours.

Goospery Mansoor Wallet for Apple iPhone 6S Case

The Goospery Mansoor wallet case from Mercury features high-quality synthetic leather resistant to scratches and drops. Its design allows for easy access to various card slots and a larger compartment for cash and bills. It also features a precise construction to fit your phone’s shape. It comes in different colours for more versatility.

Reiko Horizontal Pouch with Card Holder Belt Clip

The Reiko Horizontal Pouch with Card Holder and Belt Clip for iPhone 6 is made of top-grade PU Leather and has a soft interior for optimal protection. Its magnetic closure provides quick access to cards and cash, and it has a built-in belt clip to keep your phone secure.

Final Words

Cardholder cases for iPhone 6 are not just functional; they also protect your phone. Some cases are made out of leather or synthetic leather. These are a good option for those who want to look fashionable and stylish without sacrificing functionality. For example, the Amazon wallet looks very realistic and has two angled pockets. It offers enough space for all your cards and even a credit card.


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