Choosing the right electric toothbrush head is essential to clean your teeth. You should consider many factors when making your decision, including the size, the type of cleaning, and whether it’s biodegradable.

Targeted/Specialized Clean

Using specially designed electric toothbrush heads can improve oral health and help you achieve whiter teeth within a few weeks. Specifically designed toothbrush heads include a dentist-inspired polishing cup in the middle that helps remove surface stains. Brush heads are designed to clean deep between teeth and along the gumline.

Oral-B has introduced a Targeted/Specialized Clean with electric toothbrush heads that can reduce plaque buildup around implants. This brush head has rounded bristle tips to help minimize gum irritation.

The Targeted/Specialized Clean head also offers a gentle brushing experience. It’s specifically designed to clean around implants, misaligned teeth, and other areas where plaque buildup can be challenging.

Oral-B brush heads use pulsating and rotating technology to reach hard-to-reach areas. Some brush heads are better suited for specific cleaning modes, so speak to your dentist to determine the best brush head.

Deep Sweep

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Using a MicroPulse brush head will provide you with a deep clean. This brush head is designed with specially engineered bristles, allowing you to reach the hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. The bristles are also soft enough for use in children’s mouths.

This brush head is made to provide you with the dental health benefits of a manual brush while still offering a touch of whimsy. The micro-fiber bristles are designed to provide a gentle clean while protecting your gums. This brush head is also made to work with Oral-B rechargeable handles. You will be hard-pressed to find a better brush head on the market today. This brush head is also the perfect brush for those with braces. The bristles are soft enough for even the most delicate of gums.

Compact vs. Full Size

Whether you’re replacing an old brush or in the market for a new one, the first question is probably, “What’s the best electric toothbrush head for me?” The answer to that question will differ depending on your budget and preferences, but there are vital factors to remember when shopping for a new electric toothbrush.

You first need to know that there are different toothbrush head designs to choose from. Some are more advanced than others, and some have more than one function. For example, the Oral-B Targeted Clean head is a specialized brush designed to target and clean nooks and crannies that conventional brush heads are unlikely to reach. These heads feature rounded bristle tips to aid in their targeted cleaning efforts.


Buying a second-hand electric toothbrush is an easy way to help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. An excellent place to start is by looking for refurbished models.

Electric toothbrush heads are primarily made of plastic, though some are made from bamboo. If you choose to replace your brush heads, make sure you choose recyclable or compostable chairs.

Sustainable Tomorrow Electric Toothbrush Heads: These are the most biodegradable electric toothbrush heads on the market. The charges are made of bamboo, which is a renewable resource. They have five cleaning modes and a 2-minute timer. They are FSC certified, meaning that they are made from sustainable materials. They are also compatible with the Philips Sonicare brand.

Eco Toothbrush Starter Kit: The starter kit contains three replaceable bamboo electric toothbrush heads. These toothbrush heads are made of 100% biodegradable bamboo so that they can be recycled. They also have a pliers-like handle, so you can quickly dispose of them.