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When choosing desk ornaments, consider the type of space you’ve got. The classic tissue box is never an appropriate choice, but you can always use a brightly coloured cardboard box to cover it up. For those without windows or working night shifts, a rainbow-coloured wooden ball might be just the thing. Other options include a paperweight or fidget toy. And if you’re really stuck in a cubicle with no natural light, a matte-black-and-wood guy might be just what you’re looking for.


Coasters are often used as table accessories and Desk Ornaments, but they can also make a statement on your desk. These decorative pieces are precision-engineered with smooth edges and backed with soft, high-end leather. Made of 6061 aluminium alloy and a MIL-A-8625 Type II clear finish, coasters can last a lifetime. To make the best use of your coasters, invest in a high-quality coaster holder.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are a wonderful way to add character to bookcases and Desk Ornaments, You can even use them as storage space. You can use baskets to store kitchen towels, place picnic baskets on top of refrigerators, or organize cabinets with your favourite baskets. Hanging baskets are also a nice touch, and you can use them for fresh flowers or shopping.

A wicker basket is also an ideal way to organize your laundry or bathroom supplies. Their pristine appearance conveys a feeling of bohemianism, which can be a great antidote to the coldness of methodical organization.

Bottle ink stands

There are many ways to decorate your desk and you can use bottle ink stands as desk ornaments. These decorative objects are eye-catching and practical at the same time. The rounded, plastic caps on the bottles make them easy to hold and prevent spills. Some of the ink bottles have a special glass tube in the centre for adjusting the output of ink. These can be used for fountain pens or brush pens. As you use the ink, beautiful ink marks will appear inside the bottle.

Seed capsule

Seed capsules are not only great for desk decorations, but they are also useful items for crafting. The woody sections of the capsule are used for crafting clever pins and earrings. Before the advent of blotters, seed capsules were used to catch sand. Having a desk ornament made from seed capsules makes a great gift for any scientist or nature lover. And if you’re looking for an unusual desk Ornaments, consider a Seed capsule pen!

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