When used with NSAIDs, OSFOS increases the risk of acute renal failure and toxicity. Patients with kidney or electrolyte disorders are not recommended for OSFOS use. The drug should be used with the supervision of a physician. There are several contraindications and alternative treatment options.

Effectiveness of osfos treatment

One question that is commonly asked in the equine industry is whether OSsFOS is effective. The answer depends on the severity of the horse’s condition and its response to the treatment. For example, when the horse experiences chronic inflammation, treatment with OSFOS can help improve its symptoms. However, the treatment is not a miracle cure; it requires patience and a good understanding of the disease’s cause.

One of the main concerns about bisphosphonates is their potential side effects on horses. Bisphosphonates, like OSF, inhibit osteoclast activity, impacting bone turnover and growth in growing animals. Bisphosphonates can also cause developmental abnormalities in fetuses. Moreover, they have been shown to cause developmental abnormalities in laboratory animals. Therefore, bisphosphonate use during pregnancy should be avoided.

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