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Introducing Repair CRM, the ultimate work order software for small businesses. It helps you streamline your entire business, from scheduling and dispatching jobs to automate repetitive tasks and more.

Paperwork orders have long been a major stumbling block for service companies. But digitizing the process has streamlined the whole system, saving technicians time and reducing paper waste.

Schedule and dispatch jobs to your team of technicians.

Introducing Repair CRM the ultimate work order software for small businesses, designed to automate your field service operations from scheduling to dispatching, tracking and billing. Features include an online booking portal, asset/equipment tracking, GPS tracking, customer communication tools and QuickBooks integration to streamline your operations.

Schedule and dispatch jobs quickly to your team of technicians from the convenience of your mobile device. Track job progress, create estimates and invoices, and collect electronic signatures in the field.

Successware’s dispatch system helps your team manage all of their incoming work orders and prioritize them to ensure your customers receive the best service possible. Dispatchers can flag employees with specific skill sets so they’re not dispatched to an unqualified job, saving your company time and money.

Automated routing based on customer location, skill level and priority reduces inefficient travel time and minimizes fuel costs. Resource Scheduling Optimization runs overnight and on an intraday basis to re-optimize dispatched schedules for new and cancelled work orders.

Update job details from your mobile device.

Introducing Repair CRM, the ultimate work order software for small businesses. It’s an all-in-one platform for dispatching, scheduling, billing and more. Unlike other field service management solutions, it’s affordable and customizable.

The app allows you to easily update your customer’s details on the go, add a photo or two of your finished product, and send real-time status updates as you work through your busy day. What’s more, it has a customer portal that lets your clients request services, accept a quote, pay outstanding bills, and view past invoices in one convenient place.

It’s no secret that today’s customers expect a tailored, individualized experience. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your techs are equipped with the right tools to exceed their customer’s expectations. With the right handyman app, your team will be able to get more done in less time, so you can do more of what they do best: deliver exceptional service.

Send real-time status updates.

Introducing Repair CRM. Whether you are in the field or in the office our mobile APPs make scheduling and dispatching jobs a breeze, while our customer communication tools keep your clients informed as they wait for your arrival. The most impressive feature is our mobile service queue, where you can track the status of every job as it makes its way through your field team. The software is also well suited to multi-tasking with an easy-to-use dashboard. We know it’s hard to do it all in one, so we designed a smart scheduler that allows you to delegate tasks as needed. The end result is a more efficient, happier team. Lastly, we have created the best way to manage your customers, as well as a great place to store their important documents, files and photos.

Collect electronic signatures from clients.

Capturing a client’s electronic signature is an excellent way to ensure that your customer is fully aware of the work you have performed. It also gives you proof that your client has agreed to all of the terms & conditions within your work order.

Repair CRM makes it easy to capture your clients’ electronic signatures on every estimate, the job you complete and parts you order – all in one place!

The digital signing process helps you reduce paper, fax and postage costs while improving data quality and consistency.

The right eSignature solution can help you create templates and automatically fill dynamic sections based on who will be submitting a document. It can also help you automate signature capture, file documents and provide traceable records of who signed what and when.

Easily book appointments with your customers.

Repair CRM’s online booking portal allows your customers to easily schedule appointments with your business. Book online or offline, receive confirmation & reminder notifications, and reschedule, cancel, or pay for appointments-all automatically.

Appointment scheduling software is a must for modern businesses, and Repair CRM’s solution equips you with powerful scheduling and customer management tools to get your business off to a flying start.

With vcita, you can create a client profile to store booking history, communications, notes, and attachments with your customers. You can also send reminders about upcoming appointments, offer special deals and promotions to your clients, and log no-shows and cancellations in an efficient way.

In addition, you can integrate your CRM with social media platforms to track your customers’ online activity with your brand and respond to them directly from your system. With this powerful tool, you can ensure a smooth customer journey, and build genuine relationships with your customers.

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