ZEVO Flying Insect Trap

Zevo flying insect trap, you can eliminate flying insects from your house without spraying chemical insecticides. This insect trap uses a light plus heat attractant system that attracts and captures flying insects. It works by plugging the device into any wall socket. The device activates the light plus heat attractant system, which draws the flying insects to the trap. After they are caught in the cartridge, they are disposed of.

Light attracts flying insects.

ZEVO flying insect trap is an easy-to-use tool that helps you eliminate flying pests without spraying chemicals. It works by attracting insects with a light and heat attractant system. The UV and blue light lure the flying insects into the trap, and then the sticky adhesive pad captures them.

A ZEVO trap works best in areas where flies are a problem. They are suitable for kitchens, entryways, and even covered patios. The sticky adhesive pad can be replaced to keep the traps in good working condition.

You should check the trap after 15 days to ensure it is working. Replace the insecticide refill cartridge when it becomes full. If you find that it is complete, you can purchase extra refills.

Zevo flying insect traps can be purchased at most home improvement stores or on the company’s website. They are also available at Target.

Blue light indicates it’s working.

Using a Zevo Flying Insect Trap is a great way to eliminate mosquitoes. The device uses ultraviolet and blues LED lights to attract flying insects, which get stuck on an adhesive back.

Unlike chemical sprays, Zevo does not create an odour or mess. It also attracts bugs using the natural powers of light and heat. The device is simple to use and requires no physical effort to use.

To use a Zevo Trap, plug it into a wall outlet. When the device is plugged in, a blue light will show you it is working. The light will also function as a night light in a dark area.

Using a Zevo Trap is the easiest and most effective way to remove flying insects from your home. You can place it anywhere that you notice flies or other insects. These insect traps are also easy to clean and don’t contain toxic chemicals. They are also inexpensive. You can purchase a starter kit for less than $30.

Refill cartridge

Unlike traditional insect traps, the Zevo Flying Insect Trap has a sticky tape that captures flying insects without causing physical damage. It has no odour and can be used indoors and outdoors. ZEVO has many different refill cartridges available to help eliminate flying insects.

Unlike traditional insect traps, the Zevo Flying Insect Trap is small enough to fit anywhere you want it. The sticky tape is reusable and easy to clean. The best place to use it is in areas where flying insects gather. In addition, it is a good idea to place it near trash cans and fruit and vegetable bowls.

The Zevo Flying Insect Trap’s most significant selling point is its ability to eliminate flying insects without using chemicals. Using chemical sprays can be hazardous to humans, pets and food. In addition, using toxic chemicals can be a big no-no, especially if you have young children.

Rotate the trap

Keeping a rotating zevo flying insect trap in place is a very efficient way of keeping pests away from your home. Using this trap, you can easily control flies, moths, gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and wasps without using chemicals. They use a non-toxic octanol cartridge that lasts for 30 days. The unit is also weather-proof and blends in with your home’s surroundings. You can use it anywhere in your house, including your attic, kitchen, basement, and garage.

This trap also features a light that allows you to see when an insect is inside. It also includes a 9-inch cord for mounting. When you see the blue light, you know that the insecticide is working. If you notice that the light does not go on, it is time to refill your insecticide cartridge. A new cartridge can last about a month; you should check it every 15 days. You should also ensure that the insecticide is not exposed to sunlight or other light sources at night.

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